Lamp Chop


All LAMP CHOP's are unique and custom made from scratch with a lot of love of detail.

Our carefully selected pieces of chinaware from various eras and countries used to serve as sugar bowls, fruit bowls, ash trays, jewel cases or whole tea-sets.

Additional small components like socket-covers, brass finials, caps, balls or joints etc. are individually collected for each lamp or even custom made. Therefore each lamp is absolutely unique, also within a series.

Neckpipes are made of brass, stainless steal or sometimes copper. They are handbend and threats are also cut by hand.

All sockets, cabel-parts, switches and other electrical parts confirm to european safety standards.



You can order every lamp out of the online assortment, provided it hasn't been sold already.
Please use our order form for detailed informations on prizes, availability or whatever questions you have.

If we can get a hand on the same or a similar chinaware of any lamp, you can also order a duplicate of an already existing but sold lamp. Be aware though that they will differ in details.



Of course it's also possible to order a lamp after your own wishes, build from your selected chinaware.

To do so, please send us an email with pictures of your desired porcelain and with some informations on desired size, shape etc.

We will then contact you about further details.